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Hello friend! This week I did a few things.

As a word of warning: if you're on a limited connection I'd recommend skipping this one - some of these videos are quite big.


You might've noticed that I changed a few things about the blog, like the colour scheme. Dica (Alex🌮#2020) helped me with this one - so thanks to them for that.

I also changed the front page so that things look a lot nicer! Posts now have their thumbnails shown too.

Blog update preview

I ended up removing light mode because it looked like shit and I got fed up with having to update it every time I made a minor tweak. I've attempted to make up for it by going with a palette that should be readable universally, but if anyone has any problems feel free to contact me and I'll fix them.


Instagib is something I've been working on in s&box. It's based on the classic Quake / Unreal gamemode of the same name - you get given a railgun, everyone's a one-shot kill, and there's a lot of cool movement mechanics.

This week I added quite a few new features, which turned it from a boring shitty deathmatch thing into something that almost remotely resembles a game.

People keep telling me that it's super polished but I can't help think to myself that it's far from that. There are still loads of things that I want to do and I haven't even started them yet.

Anyways, here's what I did, in chronological order:


Medals now pop up if you kill people in a special way - like if you kill them while they're in the air, it'll give you the Airborne medal, or if you get 3 kills in a row then you'll get a Killing Spree medal. These don't do anything yet but I want them to eventually contribute to a global level / experience thing so that people are rewarded for style and skill.

Map Ports

I ported DM4 from Quake at one point, but it's no good now because of the recent movement changes. I'm going to need to make some original maps & map content in order for things to work how I want them to.

Anyways, here's what the map looks like:

DM4 from Quake


Players go boom and make a satisfying crunch.

Experimental Hitreg

Hitreg is now done totally client-side and then the server verifies it by doing a little checking. This is different to how it was done before - where hitreg was completely server-side, so it was entirely ping dependant. This should make the hitreg more reliable, but it's probably easier to cheat or something?

Rocket Jumping

You can aim at your feet and go flying.

Cooler Movement

I modified the movement controller to let you move a lot quicker in the air. This should make it easier to dodge shots mid-air and should make jumping less of a death sentence.

Options Menu

S&box has no settings menu, and I'm not sure if it'll allow you to do gamemode-specific stuff in there, so I've made my own settings menu for the time being that handles stuff my gamemode can do.

Bonus: Gameplay

Here's some gameplay footage of me versus someone else from the s&box community.