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Here's what I've been exploring over this last week!

Here's what I've been exploring over this last week!

Grabbing Things

I started off by making it so that you could grab actual objects in VR.

Grabbing Things with Two Hands, Making the Guns Fire

Then I made it so that you could grab an object, then use your other hand to grab it in a different location. This was a bit of a nightmare because I had to work out how I wanted to do it - eventually I settled on letting objects position themselves, and then just displaying the hands there. With a bit of polish & smoothing, it should be less janky. And then I made it so that you could shoot guns. This was fun (and super easy).

Proper Reloading & Frisbees

Then I added proper reloading - rather than just inserting a magazine, you'd insert a mag, then chamber the bullet if necessary. This wasn't much work but has made things more immersive.

I also went off on a tangent looking at simple frisbee physics, then found out I couldn't actually remember how to throw a frisbee properly (either that or I got the physics wildly wrong).

More Ideas

And now I'm exploring more ideas. I think I want to make some sort of "VR toybox" right now where I can just test out different object types and ideas - guns, frisbees, whiteboards, etc.

My current ideas are:

  • Proper physics-based doors
  • Switches and buttons
  • Mixing these two - i.e. a keypad password for a door
  • A "VR whiteboard"
  • Some way of doing proper interactive UI - a tablet/phone, some holographic display thing, who knows
  • Rocket launchers
  • Simple destruction - i.e. punching through walls

I also want to polish things up a bit. Making the muzzle flash less blinding, making the hands / movement less janky, and overall just removing placeholder stuff.