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Minecraf 2

Here's what I worked on this month

Here's what I worked on this month


This month, I sorta finished "Alex's Instagib", a take on the classic Instagib mode present in a lot of arena shooters.

Since the last devlog, I added:

  • Global player stats - although I've just realized that these aren't working properly, so I'll have to work on those a bit
  • A HUD rework
  • A custom map
  • Some other stuff that I can't remember off the top of my head

If you have s&box, you can play it here.

Future Plans

Some stuff I'd still like to do involve game states (like starting and finishing rounds). Everything else is done.

Minecraf 2

Minecraf 2 is a bit of a joke project I've been working on to explore procedural meshes & terrain generation in s&box. It was inspired by Leaf's and Rugg's work on their own terrain generation projects that use cube marching algorithms.

Rather than use cube marching, though, I decided to use voxels - though it'd be trivial to include a cube marching or other isosurface algorithm to generate terrain from.

Terrain Generation

Chunks generate a bit slowly (at least for my personal liking), but here's what chunk gen looks like:

Chunks are 32x32x32 in size. You can have as many as you want vertically and horizontally.

Mesh Generation

Mesh generation is done "properly", in that only visible blocks have vertices. This extends through chunks.

cool caves and stuff

Seams are corrected through oversampling - this means that there's no cross-chunk communication in the generator, which has simplified things a bit.


Texturing is done through a texture atlas. Each texture is 1/16th x 1/16th, so calculating each block's relevant UV coordinate is super easy.

The only issues, at the moment, are:

  1. There is no point texture filtering. This means that I've had to scale up the regular 256x256 texture atlas to 8192x8192, which is a pretty harsh increase and uses a load more VRAM than I'm comfortable with.

  2. Since there's no proper point texture filtering, I get seams:

layla please fix this i'm begging you

These seams obviously worsen through mipmaps as the texture resolution decreases. So far away objects look a lot less like they're supposed to - with distant water looking pink, for example.


I like to think that performance is currently okay. With no LODs and a relatively large render distance, I can push ~100fps, but memory usage is quite high. I can probably fix this through the use of a custom vertex buffer implementation that only uses what I need.

windows has bad memory management issues

More Screenshots

big mountain Big Mountain

Some earlier stuff

LODs of fun LOD Testing

boring terrain Less intense terrain

bad looking terrain Really early terrain gen

Future Plans

Obviously I don't want to re-invent the wheel and make Minecraft all over again. It already exists (in multiple forms). What I do want to make is some sort of factory builder, like a voxel-based Satisfactory.

I want to make the voxels a lot smaller - something like 1/4th of a metre - so that people can fit more detail in and so that it looks a little nicer than Minecraft does. Obviously I'm no John Lin, but I think it's doable.

I'd also like some funkier terrain generation. Something semi-realistic, but with natural beauty spots - like waterfalls, overhangs, proper biomes... you get the picture.

Battle Royale

I've been dicking around with a Warzone-style gamemode with some of the same movement ideas, but a bit faster. None of this is really polished or final, but I thought I may as well post it here anyways


Gunplay is there, but it doesn't feel right. I think it's down to the sound/animations.


Movement feels pretty good, but needs a proper art pass (legs / third-person animations) and some better audio.

Future Plans

I want to make this into a hybrid between Danger Zone and Warzone - a small map with some fast movement which should hopefully lead to a decent amount of action.